Sino-British (Wuhan - Manchester City) friendly city alliance

Since Wuhan and Manchester became sister cities in 1986, the two sides have exchanged deputies and exchanges in the past 30 years. Especially in recent years, both sides have maintained a good momentum of exchange and cooperation in economy and trade, science and technology, and achieved fruitful results

  • Real estate projects: building Wuhan - Manchester city modern international friendly town

    As one of the Belt and Road Yangtze River City clusters, Wuhan is also an important node city. Wuhan is becoming an important hub city connecting the Yangtze River economic belt and connecting the "Belt and Road" to the world.

    Relying on the friendly and cooperative relations between the government of Manchester City and the government of Wuhan, utilizing the resources of both sides, relying on the advantages of Manchester in science and technology fields (aircraft manufacturing industry), industry, media industry and education industry, developing characteristic towns, introducing British advanced technologies and establishing international Special industries town, in the higher education, research, finance, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy sources, new materials and other aspects of the layout.
  • Other Mcloud projects in Wuhan

China UK Exchange Forum

Relying on the friendly exchange and cooperation policies of the Chinese and British governments, China-Britain Exchange Forum will be launched, including but not limited to scientific exchange, culture and arts exchanges, sports activities and economic and trade exchanges.

For example, "Manchester Week" is held in China or "China Week" is held in Manchester City. According to different themes, forums are held for exchange, exhibitions and experiential activities.

Infrastructure construction services

To provide a full range of support services for cross-border business development projects and overseas investment projects, including but not limited to providing consultancy, tax advice, legal advice and sales channels for real estate developers and builders, and becoming a bridge between Chinese and British enterprises.

Such as Manchester Airport City to provide investment in China, to help enterprises settled in Airport City.


Based on the platform of Manchester China Forum and Man Welfare Exchange, we will rely on the resources of the Chinese and British governments, cooperate with famous enterprises and agencies, deepen cooperation, win-win cooperation in many fields and contribute to the Sino-British cultural exchange.