FuBund / 外滩思想码头

Focusing on the construction of the nations across the riverbank, we will give entrepreneurs an all-encompassing thinking from the perspectives of the table, from shallow to deep, to the visual landscape of the building, to the companies in the building, to the stories in the buildings and to the characters in the stories Perspective, making the Bund the world's largest open-air scene all day.

Help entrepreneurs learn about the beautiful combination of science and technology, art, humanities and business through a building, a theme, an experience and a speculative perspective on thinking, help entrepreneurs to cultivate cross-border thinking, practice cross-border innovation and perfect cross-border Life, creating a cross-border development.

































College strategic cooperation

Culture and Arts Exchange, Technology Incubator

  • Establish strategic partnership with universities in Manchester;
  • To undertake the cultural and art exchange activities and performances of Chinese and British universities;
  • To build a platform for all kinds of high quality projects in China and the United Kingdom, to cooperate with incubator companies of Science and Technology University, to coordinate, support, invest and represent outstanding science and technology projects.

Career Guidance / 就业指导

Job training and job fairs

Well-known enterprises HR or executive on-the-job training and industry and company introduction; also provide HR interview at the time.

Organize large-scale study recruitment to solve the employment problem of foreign students.

One to one VIP guidance

Adopting a membership system, VIP clients are provided with one-on-one regular service to well-known corporate executives, including consulting, guidance and recommendation on all aspects of work, career development and social resources.

Overseas Education Service

Target groups:Chinese students in Britain/Overseas students in China

  • Overseas Study Tour Exchange Project
  • Chinese and British universities overseas enrollment, exchange, show, discussion
  • Overseas employment assistance, outstanding student support programs
  • Study guide and service
  • Wealth Management:According to clients (students) need to provide local financial management, home improvement, etc. to provide consulting and management services