UK and Manchester


The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, and a Central Government and Head of State. Britain is the first industrialized country in the world and a society of diverse cultures and open mindedness. It was the most powerful country in the world in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, Britain is still a pivotal world power with a huge influence around the world. The economy and finance still occupy the forefront of the world. UK Has a long history, cultural variety flowers bloom.


After Brexit, Bank of England governor John Carney predicted that UK GDP will "moderately grow at a modest rate slightly above its potential growth rate" in coming years.

  • challenges:The latest Bank of England projections suggest that consumer spending in the UK will remain weak in the short term, with the biggest impact being on the financial sector.
  • opportunities:Britain itself must launch a comprehensive economic reform, vigorously develop the real economy, push the virtual economy and the real economy to narrow the development gap and form a new equilibrium.

Belt and Road Initiatives on British Investment Policy

Under the background of China and Britain jointly building the "golden age" of the relations between the two countries and strengthening cooperation based on the "Belt and Road Initiative", the Sino-British cooperation has achieved fruitful results in recent years. In the post-Brexit era, Britain strived to create a "globalized Britain," and more and more attention will be devoted to China. Thanks to these factors, China's influence in the United Kingdom is also gradually improving.

In promoting the Belt and Road project:

  • Britain can play a rich management experience in its multinational organizations and multinational projects and play a greater role in financial credit, treasury management, multinational management, professional and technical support, cultural conflict coordination and political coordination.
  • The United Kingdom can invest in new construction and upgrades of British roads, speeding up and upgrading of the railway, expansion of airports, upgrading and supply of energy through credit support from the AIIB and the introduction of Chinese funds.
  • At the same time, Britain proposed the revitalization plan in northern England aimed at reinvigorating the old industrial cities such as Manchester and Liverpool through the introduction of capital. Specific measures include improving transport facilities, boosting investment in science and technology, and encouraging innovation. Third, encourage British capital to invest in China's economic restructuring and upgrading projects.

Manchester- Northern Power House

Manchester is the heart of Britain's North Economic Engine program. From an early industrial city to a thriving city that now features finance, education, tourism, commerce and manufacturing, Manchester is second only to London in economic size. A radius of 30 miles radius of Manchester, contributing 52% of the entire northwestern economic aggregate. Of the top 100 global names in the Financial Times, 65 are from Manchester. Manchester City's economic growth has also surpassed the rest of the UK. Greater Manchester regional economy highlights the proportion, but also outside of London, the largest financial center city.

  • 曼彻斯特是世界上第一个工业化城市,同时也是英格兰的工业心脏。2003年,曼彻斯特出台英格兰第一步地区性科学发展中长期战略规划,提出到2020年重点发展生命科学、环境、化学、航空及核能五大技术产业群。曼彻斯特拥有世界领先的石墨烯研究水平,重点发展新兴工业,成为以电子、化工和印刷为中心,拥有重型机器、织布、炼油、玻璃、塑料和食品加工等700多种行业的国际化城市。
  • 曼彻斯特市学生人数达到73,000,是欧洲学生最多的地方之一。 主要大学为曼彻斯特大学、曼彻斯特城市大学、皇家北方音乐学院和索尔福德大学。其中曼彻斯特大学校拥有极高的国际声(世界排名位列第29,并且拥有25位诺贝尔奖获得者),商学院(MBS)是曼大的金牌学院,在世界商学院排名中位列前30。
  • “世界足球之都”。 曼彻斯特是世界著名足球俱乐部曼联和曼城的故乡,汇聚了众多世界顶尖球员。曼联是全球支持者第2多的俱乐部,容量75000人的老特拉福德几乎场场爆满。